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Class assignment: Blog reviews


Private Investigations, Private Investigators blog

This is a niche news weblog targeting segmented audience with particular contents. It features information, resources and articles regarding Private Investigations and Private Investigators. It provides basic tips on what to consider before hiring a private investigator, various investigative techniques employed when investigating particular crimes and tips on avoiding certain people, conditions or circumstances that can invite criminal activities to a person. Writes, Clifford Derrick 

Threats of the internet to the children

The blog draws attention to numerous threats that the Internet posses to the children especially those who are allowed to access cyber spaces without the knowledge of their parents or guardians. It therefore warns the parents against providing uncontrolled freedom to under-aged children. The weblog also highlights how the Internet has provided an opportunity for ‘smart’ criminals to steal from unsuspecting credit card holders through hacking their banking information through the web in the new identity crime.

 Three features of online journal

The weblog has exploited a fair amount of the internet’s hypertextuality, multimediality with no proof of interactivity. The site has scores of links to original and detailed articles that elaborates on issues highlighted in the main weblog page. The main strength of this technique as deployed in this blog is that, the links are both internal and external.

One notices that certain links are directed to the bloggers websites and not the weblog, while others are directed to other news websites with original stories. Linking articles to their original sources authenticates the stories, while directing the readers to the bloggers websites is a strategy for brand extension and the retention of the reader to the bloggers’ sphere of interest. It is balanced, isn’t it?

Multimediality: not to the fullest

Multimediality has been exploited but not to the fullest. Apart from the normal texts, and few pictures, there are no audio and video. Finally, although the weblog has attempted to welcome comments, no single post is available to prove that it has been interactive. The whole text is littered with zero comments.


August 30, 2007 - Posted by | Reviews

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