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Uhuru Kenyatta’s Support for Kibaki: A Blow to Kenyan Democracy


 Uhuru Kenyatta

Picture: Courtesy of The Standard


Kenyan politicians never cease to amaze me with their propensity to shoot themselves in the foot in every political step that they make.

Democratic right

Though Uhuru Kenyatta  has exercised his democratic right by supporting President Kibakis’s re election, the move at best, has only portrayed him as a political prostitute who cannot stand for what he believes in no matter the circumstances and the price that comes with it.

 A big blow to democracy

Uhuru’s miscalculated move is a big blow to the democratic consolidation process in the country. The daggers have now been drawn pitting the retrogressive and progressive forces in the East African country.  Kenyans and indeed the world now understand the dirty tricks of Moi and Kibaki who are determined to entrench politics of inclusion with intent of killing democracy.

Squandered opportunity

To this end, Uhuru, being a member of the young generation has squandered an opportunity to stand with the majority of the youth who are yearning for a detribalised and progressive Kenya.    But the struggle to emancipate the country from the yoke of the retrogressive forces will continue unabated.


September 15, 2007 - Posted by | Politics

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