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Critique of News Websites


Picture: courtesy of SABC

Class assignment 27/09/2007 Critique of news website:

The case of sabc news website.

The design of  SABC news website  does not march the standards of web design in a number of ways. Some of the elements of web design namely; color, hierarchy of news, line separations and hyperlink are not properly constructed. There is also poor use of pictures in the website. Writes Clifford Derrick

Web design color and hyperlink

The website uses its corporate blue color in the website and makes no distinction between the logo and the body of the website as the blue color is applied in both. There is no color separation or indication of the hyperlink from the rest of the texts. The reader has to find by him/herself through navigating around the entire texts in order to locate a link to main stories. This may discourage readers especially those without much time to surf through the net. It may also mislead them to stories that may not be of interest to them.

News hierarchy

Professional news website should organize its news content according to the most recent and important news of the hour or the day. This should be placed on top of the web page and should be emphasized either by bold fonts or attractive dominant colour.This is lacking in the SABC news website. Their news has no sense of hierarchy and readers are left to figure out the important news by themselves.

Lines and font sizes

The news website has disjointed lines separating different sections within the website. Apart from appearing ugly, lack of well coordinated lines is can be misleading to the readers. The readers may not know how to distinguish lines used to highlight news items from those used for advertisement purposes. This is because the website uses bold red lines headers for news and advertisements. The website seems not to know what to emphasize between headlines and dates. In many instances, the website applies the same font size for a sub-heading and the date line. This is not professional.

Use of images

There is poor and uneconomic use of pictures within the sabc news website. The pictures are not properly cropped to bring out the most important aspects of the image to the readers. Instead, their image displays too much of the unnecessary background at the expense of the much needed face of the subject. This mistake is done both at their front page and the main body of the story.


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