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PNU Manifesto:Yet Another Deceit by Kibaki


Raila Odinga

Picture: Courtesy of the Standard newspaper

A stale promisossory note

I read the so-called ten-point Kibaki’s promissory note to Kenyans and noted with regret how the president has once again attempted to issue Kenyans with a stale cheque with no funds at all. Writes Clifford Derrick. It is astonishing how the president in his own sound mind imagines that he can take the Kenyan people for granted.

Hide his treachery

While issuing his decayed cheque to Kenyans, the president tried to hide his treachery behind the notion of not wanting to deceive Kenyans by stating unrealistic promises. But he went a head and lied to the people about ensuring equitable distribution of resources without explaining how he will achieve it.

Antagonist of devolution

Kibaki is a strong antagonist of the devolution policy championed by the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) and therefore can not trick Kenyans that he will ensure equity in resource distribution without elaborating a proper framework as issued by ODM under their decentralisation policy. Raila Odinga, the ODM Presidential candidate  observed that Kibaki’s manifesto does not talk of the Constitution he had promised Kenyans, but instead it supports  a delegation system instead of devolution,

 Centralised government has failed

Centralised government has failed to leapfrog Kenyans from poverty, disease, tribalism and has perpetuated economic imbalance that has favoured few individuals at the expense of majority of the populace for over 40 decades now. Kibaki was among the economic planners that ensured that all the resource collected in Kenya was channelled to Nairobi, the capital city. Once in Nairobi, a big chunk of these resources were again skewed to benefit the central province and part of Nairobi at the expense of other regions. So should centralised system of governance only benefit central province?

All headquarters in Nairobi

For instance, major public body headquarters are situated in Nairobi, major industries are found in the capital city. Yet most of the land owners, hospitality institutions and other service providers are people from central Kenya. It therefore means that resources are collected from all over the country and are channelled to central province via Nairobi. This is completely unacceptable condition that must be resisted by all means. It is ironical that this is what the Kibaki calls unity of ‘purpose’ to deprive other Kenyans in order to enrich his people!

New constitution

The solution to this problem is the enactment of a new constitution that will introduce devolved systems of government. This system is what Sunguti Vusyieka calls, the new style of management that ensures regions are divided into small manageable divisions. Sunguti argues that this kind of devolution encourages efficiency and healthy competition among other divisions. In the process, he argues that the public benefits due to efficient service delivery and above all, the public gets to have a say on how their resources are managed on their behalf by their elected representatives.

Dead silent

Kibaki was dead silent on the issues of a new constitution, a matter whose platform he rode into power five years ago. Kenyans do not require the ten point or whatever the points that one would like to pile, all they need is a new constitutional order to change the current structures that are impeding their developments. The new constitution must therefore provide the structure for a devolved government.

 Kenyans will stop at nothing

This is the promissory note that they are craving for and they will not relent on their resolve even if the elections are rigged.  Kenyans are not cowards and will not be scared of death if it means that it is the only reason to emancipate them from the yoke of the economic dispossession. What are your views good people?


November 13, 2007 - Posted by | Politics

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