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Objectivity thrown to the dogs


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Interesting time

This must be interesting times for the editors and readers of the Daily Nation alike. There were days when the Daily Nation was a paper of integrity, and its editors had trust that we as its readers could make sense of whatever news they reported. Writes Akech-Akoko.

 Editors Kept facts sacred

Those days reporting news was factual, and separate from opinion. The editors true to the dictum kept facts sacred; comment free. Not anymore, despite their reassurance that NMG is still committed to fair reporting, news reports that source comments from Opinion pieces, such as Ahmednassir’s piece in the East African Standard last Sunday, point to the fact that in its reporting the NMG has taken sides in the on going political contest.

 Conflating news and opinion

Since when did conflating news and opinion  become an acceptable journalist practice? If Ahmednassir’s comment(he support Kibaki for a
second term in office) were so important and deserved readers attention, why didn’t the NMG not re-publish for it readers? Why slice a qoute from it to buttress the Catholic Church’s position? Could this  have been an isolated incidence of sloppy reporting and editing? Not so, take a look at the current issue of Expression Today It will confirm your fears: the NMG has anti-ODM agenda, in this mission its esteemed editors will break rules, nay break new grounds in news reporting.


November 21, 2007 - Posted by | media


  1. I see the slides have even made the blog more fantastic.
    It’s essentially depicts the future of journalism as multifaceted and multi-media; with accurate and timely news.
    The biggest challenge would be objectivity.

    Comment by Dan | November 22, 2007 | Reply

  2. Thanks for your wonderful comments Dan. As for objectivity, I believe we are more transparent than objective because there is nothing like objectivity. We tell it as it is and imagine with this new journalism, the audience are no longer spectators. They can also produce their version in the same platform to challenge us where they think we are wrong. We have no option but to be transparent with what we publish. This is an opportunity that people were denied by those big media. So, I would encourage you and other people to blog and to continue engaging in this sphere.

    Comment by cliffordderrick | November 22, 2007 | Reply

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