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Breaking news: Hate-Leaflets headed to Rift Valley



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Government Printers has printed Posters in Kalenjin depicting Hon Raila Odinga hanging former President Daniel Moi and also pointing a gun to his waist. Writes, Clifford Derrick.

 Headed to the Rift Valley

The same materials were printed in colour at Printfast in Industrial Area near Kestar/Labour office.  The materials are being ferried in Blue Toyota Saloon KAK 785B and White Nissan Matatu KAK 117Y. They were loaded this morning and headed to the Rift valley.

Police involved

It is alleged that there are two Administration Police officers armed with guns and rounds of ammunitions in one of the vehicles.

The hate materials are said to be a propaganda machinations planned and executed by President Kibaki’s PNU campaign network and aimed at creating fear and animosity amongst the residents of Rift Valley province. 


The blog welcomes any kind of electoral malpractices that may be spotted in any part of Kenya to be reported here and they shall be published to larger audiences. Such incidences would also be reported to the nearest police, ECK officials or any Civil Society Organisation or group.We shall update you further with the development as so far as the propadanda hate materials are concerned.


November 25, 2007 - Posted by | media

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