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PNU in a plot to print parallel ballots in Belgium


Ballot box

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Kibaki’s conspiracy against democracy

Heinous shemes by Kibaki cronies to rig this year’s general election have been detected and can now be exposed. Writes Clifford Derrick

The 1969 general election, President Kibaki won a disputed election in the then Bahati constituency. The Bahati elections which saw Jael Mbogo lose to Mwai Kibaki is arguably Kenya’s first rigged election. In 1969, the Kenyatta government used the dreaded General Service Unit (GSU) to rig out Jael Mbogo.  It saved Kibaki’s political career sending him away from the cosmopolitan constituency to the nearly ethnically homogeneous Othaya constituency.

Could it be that the history is about to repeat itself in the forthcoming general election? There are all indications that Kibaki is determined to rig the forthcomming election.

Parallel Ballot Papers in Belgium

Unconfirmed report indicate that one Michael Kairu a director of a printing firm PRINTFAST  is in the UK to collect samples of ballot papers from an ECK commissioner and deliver the same to a security printer in Belgium for production of parallel ballot papers to be used in rigging the forthcoming general election.  It important to note that PRINTFAST was  reportedly implicated in the printing of hate speech leaflets against Raila Odinga reported in some parts of Rift valley province.

Under the Supervision of A Minister

Could it be that this is being done under the supervision of the Minister for Internal Security, John Njoroge Michuki, Cyrus Gituai, Permanent Secretary Provincial Administration, J. Makumi, Director of Administration Office of the President a mr Kirubi D.S.F, office of the President, government friendly officers at the government printers and Gideon Moi?

For more on these heinous schemes against Kenya’s democracy read this article by Dominic Odipo.

For other pointers to the electoral malpractices, read this article in the Standard Newspaper.


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