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Rigging of election: Real not perceived


West African street soldiers

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Rigging is real. It is not right to pretend that rigging can only take place on the actual voting day. Writes, Clifford Derrick.

Pre-election rigging

Scaring voters with violence, refusing to use the black book with official voter registers, exploiting public resources to issue goodies, spreading hate propaganda against the opponents using police and their vehicles are just but a few of the methods. Arguing about the 2002 general election in which Kibaki defeated Uhuru Kenya, and the 2005 referendum in which the government was ‘defeated’ does not count.

Moi and Kibaki pact 

Looking  back down the history line on what could be considered polemic, but  paints the correct picture in so far as Kenyan politics is concerned, you realise Kenyans have always been falling in the trap of Moi and Kibaki.  In 1991 when the Multiparty was re-introduced, Moi and Kibaki schemed to defeat the course of democracy. Kibaki resigned in 1992 shortly before the general elections, further disenfranchising the already divided opposition. Reason? The pre-rigging machinations had begun. So Moi won the 1992 election with less percentage compared to the opposition combined.

 Repeated the trend

Kibaki repeated the same trend in 1997-refusing to join the rest of the opposition to form a formidable force to oust. Moi did not lose the 2002 elections. He won it because he had schemed and prepared grounds for Kibaki. It was pay back time for Kibaki who had to be there to protect Kenyatta’s Moi’s looted properties. Moi never wanted Uhuru to win by that time because he knew he was young and could manipulated. During referendum, Kibaki won because he never wanted the new constitution anyway, He is comfortable with the current constitution that gives him more powers to misuse state resources at his discretion to solicit for votes.

 Mugumo tree

The ‘defeat’ also gave him an opportunity to consolidate power by sacking the so-called dissidents from his government. So all Kenyans have been treated with beginning from Kibaki’s ‘no sacred cows’, Uhuru’s, ‘you have killed the opposition’ and many other more mean only one thing, and that is “Trying to remove Kanu from power is like attempting to cut the mugumo tree” Kibaki.

Determined to rig

It is true Kibaki is determined to rig the elections with support from Moi. But mark my words; Kenyans are determined to stop this political and economic hegemony once and for all. And there is no better time to stop it other than this time around. We are no different from Sudan, Somali and Uganda.

Enough is enough

We can also resort to non-democratic means to emancipate ourselves and our people from the neo-slavery. Our grand great grand parents died in abject poverty, so was our grand parents and the same with our parents. We are not going down without a fight. Let the government rig the elections but they should take note that for us, enough is enough.


December 2, 2007 - Posted by | Politics

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  1. the stories areover top and leave the reader craving for more info.i would humbly request that yopu expand on the little but critical issues mentioned above so that kenyans may know wat is truly happening .thank you

    Comment by edwin | December 3, 2007 | Reply

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