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 Kalonzo Musyoka,

ODM-Kenya presidential aspirant

Picture: Courtesy of Google image

When Kalonzo Musyoka says he is the next president of this country, he is not lying! Writes, Steve Musango.

There is a grand plan that will make him the next president of our lovely
country. Kibaki will win this general election through any means at his disposal.

The next government will have a very weak parliamentary representation since most MPs will be from ODM and ODM-K.

A motion of no confidence against the government will be moved by ODM and a new general election called. Shifting allegiances will arise since this election is not largely a matter of policy but the need to remove one tribe that has dominated the presidency. The tribe will be out and people will go back to reconsider another candidate.

Wounded Central and Eastern province will seek revenge in the election and back a different candidate who happens to be Hon. Musyoka.

Boy Musyoka will slip into state house for at least 2 terms in the miracle style he has always been preaching!

There are ways of avoiding this however. Let Kibaki finish his term though weakly. Avoid a motion of no confidence! Remove Kivuitu from office immediately after
elections, Wait for 2012 and face Musyoka in his full colours, Or Make sure you bag this election.

FYI: Musyoka made it to parliament in 1985 via a by-election resulting from the death of the local MP Peter Manandu.


December 4, 2007 - Posted by | Politics, Uncategorized


  1. Steve, why should a gentleman of Kalonzo’s stature always depend on the misfortunes of the others? If your views are correct then I think Kalonzo will the most dangerous president if he ever makes it in future. Reason? A person, who defends on misfortunes of the others to prosper, can easily create those misfortunes by eliminating those blocking his way to success. A good leader must be a go getter not an opportunist waiting by the roadside to capitalise on the others disadvantages.

    Comment by cliffordderrick | December 4, 2007 | Reply

  2. It is not a misfortune he is creating but a situation that is imminent. He has no control over it but circumstances seem to favour him in this scenario.

    Comment by stephen musango | December 4, 2007 | Reply

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