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Kenyan Religious leaders: a herd of Wolves


The Church

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Wolves hiding in sheep’s skin
The Milimani Hotel in Nairobi will be the meeting place by Pro-PNU Bishops soon. Writes, Clifford Derrick

 Raila as demomic

Their agenda being to develop Biblical verses to portray Kibaki as anointed leader and Raila as demonic. This will begin on 20th December, towards the Christmas season.

 It is wrong for the religious leaders to misuse their religious positions to campaign for their tribal political candidates by misusing the holy book. This is a replica of how apartheid was justified in South Africa with the use of the Bible. In the twentieth century, several Christian churches actively promoted racial divisions through the political philosophy of apartheid.

South African racial separation

In South Africa, racial separation was only widely accepted in the church in the early twentieth century, as many Afrikaners came to believe that their own survival as a community was threatened, and as the belief in racial separation was gaining acceptance among white South Africans in general

Church leaders refused to condemn Afrikaner rebellions against the British, and their followers gained strength by attributing divine origins to their struggle for survival.

The same thing is happening in Kenya today where the majority of the Church leaders who happen to come from one section of the society has over and again refused to condemn the atrocities meted to Kenyans by leaders who hail from their communities.

Christianity and politics!

Christianity does not compel the religious leaders to guide their flock on matters politics but for moral guidance in the society.

So when some Kenyan bishops pretend to be advising their flock not to support Majimbo system of the government as articulated by the Orange Democratic Party (ODM); when the same bishops critisize the MOU signed between Raila Odinga and part of the Muslim community; yet they remain dead silent to question Mwai Kibaki’s MOU with the same community, signed in 2002, one wonders what is your agenda!

Now that, the same bishops plans to demonise Raila and Kibaki, Kenyans should know that these are just a heard of wolves hiding on the sheep’s skin.

Kibaki killed

We wait to see, how they will account for the large number of Kenyans that Kibaki has killed since his tenure as a Vice President compared to those that Raila has killed if any.

Who will be the demon then?


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