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The slapped MC sacked


Francis K. Musyimi

Picture: Courtesy of office of Public Communication

Sacked with immediate effect
Now the man who was slapped by First Lady, Mrs Lucy Kibaki has been sacked with immediate effect. Writes Clifford Derrick.

 Taken to uknown destination

The principal administration secretary in the Office of the President, Mr Francis Musyimi, who was arrested and taken to unknown destination immediately after the ugly incident at the State House Gardens, was relieved of his duties the following day, Wednesday  the 13th 2007.  The chairman, of Kenya Commission of Human Rights, Mr Maina Kiai, condemned the government for arresting the undersecretary and demanded that Musyimi be released with immediate effect.

 Misuse of power

At this particular moment, no one knows the whereabouts of Musyimi or even what he is going through in the hands of the Kibaki friendly security agents. The action by the Kenyan security agents is a clear indication that Kibaki’s regime is misusing  executive powers to frustrate and punish fellow Kenyans instead of protecting them. One wonders why Musyimi who was slapped and humiliated by the First Lady for no good reason should be incarcerated and sacked at the same time while the assailant who should face the law is left free. 

 Embarrassment to the Nation

It was wrong for a leader of Lucy Kibaki’s stature to sort out her differences in public and physically in full view of dignitaries and children. The action is a major embarrassment to the entire Nation because it sends out a dangerously wrong message that Kenya is a banana republic where there is no respect to the rule of law.

Release Musyimi

As a person with the same experience as Musyimi, I would like to appeal to the global community, to put pressure on the Kenyan government to first release Musyimi with immediate effect. No one knows what the gentleman could be going through in the hands of the Kenyan police whose records of torturing victims are well known globally. The government should also rescind their decision to sack the civil servant because Musyimi did not commit any crime to warrant sacking.

Infringement of the rights of journalists

The government should pay for the infringement of the rights of journalists from Nation TV and newspaper cameramen whose recorded materials about the slapping incident were erased by the security.

Is Kenyan media freer?

I wonder how the Kenyan media environment is still rated as the freer in Africa despite numerous cases such as;  erasing of journalistic records  by the Kenyan security agents, the slapping of journalists, the Standard Group raid, the bombing of Hope FM and other cases of harassment of journalists. 

I reiterate here again that Lucy Kibaki is not above the law and therefore should be arrested and charged according to the Kenyan law. Who knows the next person that she will land on next time or the damage that she will cause with her uncontrolled behavior? 


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