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Rewarding losers: Killing Democracy


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The delay in announcing the presidential results by the Zimbabwean Electoral Commission is a clear testimony that the opposition has won the electionsWrites Clifford Derrick 

 Mugabe Lost

If the position was otherwise, the Mugabe government would have ensured that the results were out. There should be no further delay in announcing the results and any efforts to reach a deal between the loser and winner should be discouraged by all means. The democratisation process in Africa will have no meaning if the people’s verdict is overstepped and over ruled in some Kenyan-like deals which reward the losers and the winners on equal basis.

 Dangerous Precedence

A very dangerous precedence is being set by accommodating those who do not want to relinquish power even when they have clearly lost the popular support of their electorate. What is the meaning of election therefore if those defeated can turn around and demand to share power on equal basis with the winners? Why can’t the people’s verdict be respected? There is a danger of voter apathy if the people will conclude that after all, their rights to elect their desired leader through the ballot do not hold. This trend has the potential to kill democratisation process in Africa and history will judge harshly those resorting to this fraudulent means as a solution. Let Mugabe and Kibaki respect the wishes of their respective countrymen and women by handing over power to the popular leaders as indicated by the election results.

Reasons for clinging to power

One of the reasons for clinging to power by our leaders is motivated by their corruption and human abuses that they indulge in while in offices. There should not be any kind of amnesty to these despotic leaders who have reduced the running of their  Nations to their own homes. Because of their propensity to corruption and self enrichment, majority of people from these two countries have no jobs. Instead of using their intellect to earn decent money, guys from these wonderful countries have been reduced to earn their money through embarrassing and dehumanising casual and hard labour.

Intellectuals  Drilling Trenches

It is shocking to find people with degrees drilling and digging trenches in major towns just to save some money to sustain themselves and their families. Yet cronies of these demagogues occupy senior positions in government and private sectors without any proper credentials. This explains the rife of corruption and inefficiency in the two countries. It is time new leaders take the running of these two wonderful African countries to bring about the meaningful real change to their starving and deserving people.


April 3, 2008 - Posted by | Politics

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