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How SA media covered Rugby World Cup.


Picture: coutersy of exploringafrica.matrix


The just concluded rugby world cup in France in South African team, Springboks trashed the England team was just one of the opportunities that the media ought to have used to market the country a head of the much waited Fifa world cup in 2010.  Writes Clifford Derrick. Continue reading


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Spousal fight

 Picture by Clifford Derrick

Alcohol, poverty and spousal violence 

 As the world celebrates 16 days of non-violence against women, I am reminded of my early days in the rural life and how alcohol abuse and poverty ensured that we ware entertained by two couples who fought over trivial issue on a daily basis, but only after a booze binge. Writes Clifford Derrick.    Continue reading

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Critique of News Websites


Picture: courtesy of SABC

Class assignment 27/09/2007 Critique of news website:

The case of sabc news website.

The design of  SABC news website  does not march the standards of web design in a number of ways. Some of the elements of web design namely; color, hierarchy of news, line separations and hyperlink are not properly constructed. There is also poor use of pictures in the website. Writes Clifford Derrick Continue reading

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