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Breaking news: Hate-Leaflets headed to Rift Valley



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Government Printers has printed Posters in Kalenjin depicting Hon Raila Odinga hanging former President Daniel Moi and also pointing a gun to his waist. Writes, Clifford Derrick. Continue reading


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Steadman condemned for opinion polls manipulation


The Kenyan presidential flag 2003
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Steadman credibility crisis

Kenyans abroad have added their voice in criticising the latest open discrepancies in the Steadman political opinion polls and the biased media coverage in favour of the incumbent. Writes, Clifford Derrick. Continue reading

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Objectivity thrown to the dogs


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Interesting time

This must be interesting times for the editors and readers of the Daily Nation alike. There were days when the Daily Nation was a paper of integrity, and its editors had trust that we as its readers could make sense of whatever news they reported. Writes Akech-Akoko. Continue reading

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Media and politics: The Kenyan press and election coverage


 The Kenyan press and the election coverage

The Kenyan parliamentary nominations are underway with violence, chaos and rigging recoded in all the three main political parties. Reading all the three major Kenyan newspapers, the Nation, the Standard and the Kenya Times, it would seem that the Kenyan media deliberately attempts to portray one particular opposition party as the most violent and undemocratic in their handling of nomination compared to the other two political parties. Yet arguably, no single political party has successfully conducted their nominations without a hitch. Writes Clifford Derrick Continue reading

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Why are the Kenyan media protecting Lucy Kibaki?


 Lucy Kibaki

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Why are the Kenyan media protecting Lucy Kibaki?

The state of media freedom in Kenya is worrying. The current government does not support freedom of expression and the media are forced to apply self-censorship in order to survive. This is dangerous to the democracy because it does not encourage rational critical debate, instead it perpetuates the culture of spiral of conspiracy. Writes Clifford Derrick Continue reading

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Controlling the “facts”

The Kenyan  Controversial Media Bill: Effort by the government to monopolise the controlling  of “facts.”

The current heated debate on the controversial media bill that seeks to muzzle the Kenyan press explains the simmering power struggles between the press and the government over who should control the information. At the centre of the entire debate is the effort by the government to have proper control of the “facts.”  Writes, Clifford Derrick Continue reading

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