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British bans Kenyan top presidents men


David Mwiraria.

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 A blow to Kenyan President

Big blow to Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki as his top minister and political allies banned from UK air space over corruption allegations just six days before general election. Environment Minister David Mwiraria and senior MP Nicholas Biwott, a Kibaki supporter, is also on the list.Read more


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The slapped MC sacked


Francis K. Musyimi

Picture: Courtesy of office of Public Communication

Sacked with immediate effect
Now the man who was slapped by First Lady, Mrs Lucy Kibaki has been sacked with immediate effect. Writes Clifford Derrick.

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Breaking news: Lucy Kibaki is at it again


 Lucy Kibaki

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Latest news reaching our desks from Kenya indicates that Lucy Kibaki is  at it again, and this time around, it is no journalist who received the presidential slap, but a Master of Ceremony. Writes Clifford Derrick Continue reading

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Steadman’s House On Fire


Steadman’s logo  

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Wolf Resigned

It is now confirmed that Tom Wolf one of the directors of Steadman Research Company has pulled out from the company because he reportedly refused to yield to
Government tricks. The company is now in the hands of Joe Wanjui, and George Waititu. Writes, Clifford Derrick. Continue reading

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Rising insecurity very worrying


Raila Odinga, Kenyan Presidential candidate

Picture: Courtesy of Bunge

WE IN THE PENTAGON HAVE watched with growing alarm the spate of violence, killings and ethnic cleansing that is sweeping the nation in advance of the December 27 election. Writes, Raila Odinga in the Nation online. Continue reading

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PNU in a plot to print parallel ballots in Belgium


Ballot box

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Kibaki’s conspiracy against democracy

Heinous shemes by Kibaki cronies to rig this year’s general election have been detected and can now be exposed. Writes Clifford Derrick Continue reading

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Wits fees and registration hike sparks students protests


Protesting students

Pictures By Clifford Derrick

International students the hardest hit

THE 449% rise in international registration fee will hit foreign students from outside the Southern African Development Community (SADC) who do not have financial aid.

The increase is viewed as “another academic apartheid imposed on poor Africans”, said a South African undergraduate who would only give her name as Mapule.Students from the 14 SADC countries pay local fees. Wtites, Clifford Derrick Continue reading

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